Tobacco Cessation Programs & Projects

California Tobacco Control Alliance
A California statewide coalition working to reduce tobacco use through collaboration with traditional tobacco control constituencies and inclusion of partners not traditionally associated with tobacco control.

Helping Young Smokers Quit
Youth smoking cessation programs are invited to apply for participation in a national study. The Helping Young Smokers Quit (HYSQ) study will be looking at a wide mix of practices now being used by youth cessation programs to determine what works. Participating programs receive study findings, tools for future self-assessment, and monetary compensation for their involvement. A complete description of the evaluation is available on the HYSQ web site. Programs must apply on-line at the HYSQ site between March 15 and May 15, 2004.

North American Quitline Consortium
A collaborative of quitline professionals from health departments, service providers, researchers, and national organizations in the United States and Canada working together to increase access to and the effectiveness of quitline services that help people in their attempts to quit smoking.

Pacific Center on Health & Tobacco
A five-state coalition of agencies and state health departments working to implement comprehensive tobacco cessation programs in their own states and collaborating to provide the support and technical assistance needed for other states to design and implement effective programs.

Smoking Cessation, Quality of Life and Older Persons
Information on tobacco use cessation, links to a wide variety of articles, bibliographies, and other resources provided by the National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Persons, The Center for Social Gerontology.

Tobacco Free Nurses
An initiative focused on helping nurses to stop smoking funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Useful Information for Smokers

American Cancer Society: Tobacco and Cancer
This web page, part of, provides tips for quitting smoking and explains the Great American Smokeout. You’ll also find information on the effects of tobacco use and current laws about smoking.

American Lung Association: Tobacco Control
The Tobacco Control section of offers general information about quitting smoking smoking and tobacco control as well as specific information for women and teens. Visitors can easily link to the State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Iniatives report which provides data on youth access laws, smokefree workplaces, cigarette taxes, and state spendning on tobacco control programs.
A research study funded by the National Cancer Institute and led by the Oregon Research Institute offering assistance to smokeless tobacco users. Participants receive quitting assistance and are asked to complete research questionnaires on-line to help evaluate the program.

Great Start
A free program for pregnant smokers who want to quit sponsored by the American Legacy Foundation.

A web-based cessation program operated in association with Boston University’s School of Public Health.
Online resource with tools, information, and support that have been effective in helping smokers quit, including state and national resources, free materials, and the best quitting advice the National Cancer Institute and its partners have to offer.

Try to Stop
A resource for smokers interested in quitting sponsored by the Massachusetts department of health.

Vital Information on Nicotine Addiction & Tobacco Cessation

Cancer Control Planet
Online resource portal providing access to data and resources that can help planners, program staff, and researchers to design, implement and evaluate evidence-based cancer control programs, including useful tobacco control information.

National Cancer Institute
NCI’s Tobacco Control Research Branch is dedicated to reduce cancer incidence and mortality caused by tobacco use via a comprehensive research program which issues recommendations based upon research findings.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Important information on nicotine and nicotine addiction from the federal leading the nation to bring the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
An organization dedicated to stimulating the generation of new knowledge concerning nicotine in all its manifestations from molecular to societal.
Tobacco news and information, updated daily.

World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative
A W.H.O. cabinet project created to focus international attention, resources, and action on the global tobacco pandemic that kills 4.9 million people a year.