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October 1st, 2015

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December 20th, 2014

• We are back and under new management. Our goal is to further reduce the amount of Americans who are smoking for the year 2015. We are looking to spread our message of smoking cessation throughout various demographic groups in America. Including, but not limited to:

– Teenagers
– Young Adults
– Adults
– Seniors

Our goal is to overall reduce the amount of Americans who smoke, chew or otherwise use tobacco products by at least 15% in the year 2015. We aim to accomplish this by working with several groups who share the same goals as we do. Via programs designed to reach out to the community we hope to increase smoking cessation awareness with a multi-pronged attack. We also aim to help stop the amount of new smokers in America by educating children, teenagers and young adults about the dangers and hazards of smoking.

If you are searching for V2 cigs coupon code, to resupply your ecigs, visit the site for the latest deals and offers.

If you wish to work with us to help accomplish our goals, please get in contact with us via the “contact us” page. We are keeping the “older” information on this website as a resource to others. We will be updating outdated information (mostly statistics and figures) where applicable.

This is one of the latest sensations in smoking abatement and we cover this in greater detail in an internal article. In the meantime, we ask each and every viewer of this website to think of someone in their life who uses tobacco products. We ask that you make a resolution to talk to this person and ask them to either talk to their doctor about quitting smoking, or make a personal resolution to lower (ideally stop) the amount of nicotine they take into their body on a daily basis.

We will be providing resources on the various tools that one can use to quit smoking. From cigarette patches, to the “stop smoking pill”, there are a multitude of programs available to assist you or a loved one in quitting tobacco.

We are also going to be providing “tools” that you can use (stats, charts, infographics, etc) in your quest to help stamp out tobacco abuse in America. If you are a teacher, feel free to use our resources in your classroom as need be.

December 6, 2013

• The American Cancer Society and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are proud to have jointly funded the Center for Tobacco Cessation, which since its inception in 2002 became an important resource for the cessation community nationwide. We remain fully committed to advancing cessation policy and advocacy and will continue the work of the Center in a number of ways.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation continues to fund the CTC Consumer Roundtable initiative to improve the way tobacco dependence treatments are designed and delivered to smokers who want to quit. To learn more about RWJF’s work to reduce the harm from tobacco use and exposure, visit www.rwjf.org.

The American Cancer Society will expand its policy staff to integrate the spirit of CTC’s role as primary cessation information provider into a new focus on integrated policy-based cessation research and advocacy. The Society seeks to advance cessation policy on both the local and federal levels through several mechanisms including grants and grassroots efforts.

Great American Smokeout 2013

: The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout event on November 17 inspired a number of cessation-related news stories around the country, of which this newsletter carries a small sample. Media focused primarily on local activities and related smokefree policy initiatives organized around the event. The confluence of the Great American Smokeout 2013 in November and the airing of the ABC News Series “Quit to Live” contributed to a spike in call volume to the American Cancer Society’s Quitline, with more than 4,000 calls to the telephone cessation service during the Smokeout’s peak week in November. This is a 77% increase from the sharp spike in calls to the quitline the week after Peter Jennings’ death from lung cancer earlier this year, which represented the third-highest spike in weekly call volume to the quitline. The second-highest spike, 3,000 calls in one week, was logged in response to Massachusetts’ patch promotion in March. These numbers clearly illustrate the direct and immediate impact of targeted cessation-related events and promotions on individual quit attempts.